What makes Us different?

We are the longest-standing miniature pig breeder in the United States. We’ve been at this since 1986!

We will let our customers tell you more ...

Dear Mrs. Patty / Royal Dandies Farm,

In this day and age of internet purchases; we often hear of experiences which leave the buyer feeling short-changed, duped or disappointed to say the very least. With that said; Tammy and I were pleased far-beyond our expectations when we purchased "Annabelle" an "extreme-dandies piglet" from you.

After researching several Miniature and Tea-Cup piglet breeders we decided to put our trust in both your nationally known reputation and the genuine friendship we established during our many calls with questions and concerns prior to our investment in such an expensive purchase for a life-long family pet. Throughout our many conversations the one thing that kept leaving me with a good impression is that you never pressured us, nor did you attempt to sway our opinion one way or another. You answered all our questions forthright and advised us not to just take what your word for anything but to do-the-research before investing.

Well, after reviewing all options, taking all facets into consideration *{service after-the-sale} we chose your establishment - Royal Dandies Farm. I must admit we were a bit nervous having our little piglet flown from one end of the country to the other in the middle of the winter and thru four different time-zones. All this gave us reason to pause.

After you explained both the complete process and attention to detail our concerns were put at ease. Annabelle arrived safe, sound and most important - healthy. Who says pigs can't fly!

Even with all our research and reading when we picked her up at the airport we had questions! I wasn't the least bit surprised when I called you 11:00-pm our time you answered the phone! Your first and foremost concern was that everything was alright and that we were happy. Since then we have had some-many questions. It seems no matter how much one reads there are always situations encountered when you need the advice of an experienced person and friend. This is the mark of a company that knows the true value of its customers; it isn't the sale but the long term relationship. Whether we email or call, you always respond with a genuine tone of friendship and eager to answer all our questions no matter how slight or small.

I would and have recommended you to my friends or anyone else considering the purchase of a miniature pig. If one shops for a piglet for the purpose of a family pet it is important to look past the initial investment cost. There are so many other considerations to weigh and in the end one can only come to the age-old conclusion "you get what you pay for." We feel blessed to have received so much more than just a piglet; we received a loving pet who will be a cherished member of our family and a very good friend in you.  We look forward to years of friendship and communications.

God's speed,
— Your friends, Jericho & Tammy