Prices and Ordering

Piglets available now!  09/20/23

  • Email me for pictures of available piglets
  • Accepting deposits now
  • Please email for pricing.
  • Gift certificates available!

How can I own a Dandie Extreme or Private Reserve Piglet? First, send me an email or call 503-623-5261

As soon as you make the decision to purchase a Royal Dandie or Dandie Extreme piglet you can contact me about availability. At that time you should be ready to make your deposit and payment in full. I will send you new updated pictures of my piglets and you can decide which one you would prefer. If I do not have piglets available you can send in your deposit I will then put you on the waiting list. I serve my clients in the order that deposits are received. To hold your  place on the waiting list I must have a $300. deposit.  Your deposit will secure you a place on the waiting list for one year.  I am also very happy to pick out a piglet for you. Deposits are non-refundable.  I offer you a lower price on any piglet it is only good for 24 hours without your proof of payment such as a tracking number showing it was mailed over night or next day.

When a piglet becomes available you must be ready to choose your piglet unless you have made other arrangements with me prior to this. Your payment in full is due at that time.  If you should decide you don't want your piglet for any reason after payment in full is made including but not limited to you not checking your city or county codes and ordinances you will not be refunded as I have missed sales. I will try to place your piglet with a new home. If I can place it in a new home within a reasonable length of time (30 days from time of cancellation) I will refund your payment after deducting time spent for vet trips and any discounts I may have to give the new owner due to selling them an older piglet. If I cannot place your piglet in a new home, I will honor your payment for one year, and you will be able to pick out another piglet from available litters.  You also have the option of placing the piglet yourself or transfer ownership to another person (I will still want to approve the new home) before I ship it and educate the new owners you have picked out).

Please make sure you have received approval from your county or city before moving forward with your piglet order.  Make sure your housing and community accept Miniature pet pigs of any weight.

Your piglet will be shipped as soon as it is old enough and not before 8 weeks of age. Females must be 10 to 12 weeks of age before they can be safely spayed. Male piglets can be neutered at a younger age but must be at least 8 weeks before they can be shipped. If you intend to pick up your piglet it can often be done at 7 weeks if the piglet is doing well. This is completely done at my discretion if the piglet is mature enough to go to it's new home. Deposits are refundable depending on the individual circumstances and at my discretion.

Piglets must be paid for in full before I neuter or spay!

I do not make vet appointments or commit a piglet to you until I receive payment in full.

After you make your deposit you MUST to be ready to choose which piglet you want assuming we have piglets available at that time. If we don't have piglets you will be put on our waiting list. You will get to pick out of the next available litter in the order that I received your deposit. I get deposits on a daily basis and others need to be able to pick there piglet without waiting to be fair to everyone!

All piglets are priced according to their small size. With the very smallest being the most expensive.

E-mail or call for availability

Pricing and Delivery

Email me for pricing of current litters.

After I make vet appointments and schedule your piglets flight, I will notify you. You must let me know your schedule before I go to the vet as they need to know flight numbers and dates for flights, as this information must be included on the Health Certificate. I must be able to contact you by emails on a daily basis. If you do not comply with this time line you will forfeit your final payment and deposit.

If you live in a sSate adjoining Oregon, you can pick up your piglet near Salem.

Prices subject to increase with next litters.

I have piglets available at this time! (09/20/23) I am currently taking deposits on my next litters! I will deliver piglets in the order that I receive your deposits. PayPal is the fastest way to get the deposit to me and ensure that you are on the waiting list. Deposits are $300.

Do not send final payment using paypal as they charge extra fees and the money doesn't actually clear for 45 days.  I will send you final payment infomation as soon you pick out your piglet.

Piglets can't be shipped until they are 8 to 12 weeks old. The airlines have special pet accommodations and I have never had a problem getting the piglet to their new owner.

Your piglet will arrive with a new crate, health certificate and permanent ID (if required). He or she will be vaccinated, parasite checked, and litter box and leash started.

In winter months, shipping can be delayed due to weather conditions.

I work very hard to get your piglet to the airport, but I will not sacrifice my safety to do so.

If there is a chance of snow or ice I won't make the trip, as I have to leave very early in the morning to get piglets on their flights.

I must have email contact with you at all times.  When working with live animals and all the scheduling that goes along with Vets, blood work, sending to labs and waiting for results (especially if I am shipping to Canada) timing is essential.  Please do not assume anything without discussing it with me first as far as timing goes.  If I cannot get in touch with you or you don't get back to me withing 24 hours I will not be responsible for not getting your piglet to you when you want it.

What you will need before your new piglets arrives?

1. Go to our product page and order your feed and supplies at least two weeks in advance.

2. Purchase dishes that are weighted (heavy on the bottom) and low to the ground or that can be fastened to the side of the cage (we carry these on our product page).

3. I recommend that you purchase a metal puppy exercise pen. They have panels and work well as you can adjust the shape to accommodate almost any situation. You can hang weights on them to help if your piglet is an escape artist.

4. Purchase a cat size litter box and dust free pine pellets for litter.

5. Piglets like to burrow down under blankets so small, easy-to-wash blankets are fine for bedding.

These supplies are the basics you will need..

Attention All Canadian buyers!!!

Canadian Buyers will need to contact the Food and drug Inspection Agency.

You will need to provide a permit from Canada and it must have accurate information before i can make appropriate appointments for the Spay/Neuters, Health Certificates, Blood test and Airline reservations.

I can ship to parts of Canada. You will need to have a special Quarantine permit from the agricultural department so the piglet can be quarantined at your premises! This can take a few extra weeks so be prepared for this process. Your payment is still due at the time you pick out your piglet but will be refunded if for any reason you do not pass inspection. Just send or fax me the official paperwork from the veterinarian that denies you. There is also more blood work required to ship to Canada, which is not expensive but does take a little time.

If your are ready to own a Royal Dandie or Dandie Extreme piglet as your pet  email me and get in line...we are expecting some real beauties very soon!