Infinity Pet Harness/Leash TM Infinity Concept TM

The Infinity Harness/Leash was designed for training and control of your pet pig. It is a concept using four pressure points to ensure your pet has the ability to totally understand what you are asking of him or her in a safe, controlled, effective manner.

Due to it’s unique design much less pressure is needed to have your pets full attention and understanding. When your pet pulls the harness tightens and causes discomfort…..when your pet stops pulling the pressure goes away. This concept along with positive and negative word commands ensure that they understand that when they are close to you the pressure lessons and they associate this comfort (being near you) with trust and security. This concept makes sense to all pets and builds confidence between you and your best friend! Once your pet understands the Infinity Concept TM you can continue to use the Harness/Leash as a walking leash for the lifetime of your pet.

Simple and extremely effective concept, adjusts as your pet grows ( 1 lb. to 100 lbs.) One size fits most (Mini pigs, dogs, cats, ferrets etc.)

Never buy another harness

Unique Patented Material making the Infinity Harness/Leash extra strong, easy to clean and sanitize (non-absorbent) with mild soap and water and is UV resistant. Lasts the lifetime of your pet!

Easy on/easy off… more struggling trying to get a regular pet harness on and fitted to your pet!

The Infinity Pet Harness/Leash comes with a video link that explains the easy application of this unique product.


This product is not to be used as a tie out. Never leave you pet unattended while wearing this Harness/Leash.

Coming Soon

Extra Large….same concept for starting larger or older pets.

Extra small ….for your very tiny pets…….. (lizards, mice, squirrels, sugar gliders etc.)

Keep out of the reach of unsupervised children!