New litter has arrived !!!


First and only time offered!

 Limited Breeding Stock  for Sale !!!


After 30 years of creating and breeding my small Royal Dandie Pet Pigs I have decide to 

retire.  That being said....all of my breeding stock is for sale on a first come first pick basis.

I have approximately 12 adult breeders. I also have some of their fine offspring. My finest stock is included in this group!

Be the only Breeder to carry on the Royal Dandie bloodlines or get a 30 year jumpstart on any other breeders.

All sold stock will come with Microchips, health certificates and full breeding rights.


I can set up breeding packages for you or you can purchase the entire breeding package.

Please email me If you are interested in this first time offer.


We will continue to carry our excellent  Infinity Plustm

line of Pet Pig Products.


New litter has arrived !!!



We have older piglets!!!

Open house.......... Open house.......... Open house!

Come see our "Dandie Extremes" for yourself!

We will open our facility to everyone who would like to see the quality, health and small size of our will be happy with what you see and learn!

Email for our OPEN HOUSE dates!!!

If you are unable to come please email me and I will send along a video of our complete facility.

Email for open house dates today!


Piglets Available Now!!!


Home of the Smallest Pet Pigs in the World!!!

"Royal Dandie Extremes"


   Email me today....



Pricing  from $3,500. to $5,500. 



 Litters Available Now!


Please read my entire web site before emailing me  for pricing !!!





Please be carefull of "Pirating" read on..........


We are aware of other breeders who say they are selling Royal Dandies tm or Dandie Extremes tm piglets.  That would be impossible as I have never sold un-neutered or un-spayed piglets.  This is the only place in the World at this time to purchase one.  This is the only place that I advertise so if you see adds in places like Craigslist or any other site except this one you are not purchasing a Royal Dandie tm or Dandie Extreme tm.  If you see another person or web site advertising these pigs please notify me!


This is the only place in the World to purchase a Royal Dandie or Dandie Extreme!


We have been breeding for small size longer than any other breeder in the World!


30 year breeding program!!!


What is a Royal Dandie™ Miniature Pig?



Older Piglets available now!

Ask about our "Dandie Extremes"

If you are looking for a Teacup, Mini, Micro Mini, Nano, Juliana, Small, Smallest, Tiny Pig, Pet Pig, Best, Healthiest and Pig products, Mini pig products, products for pigs,  please read on!


If you have always wanted a small Pet Pig, but wanted one that would stay small enough to keep in your house or apartment, Royal Dandie Extremes TM are for you!

Royal Dandies Extremes are the product of a 30 year breeding program created because of the demand for a truly small, house pet size miniature pet pig.

Not only do these little pigs make wonderful pets but they make the perfect size pig for popular truffle hunting that is extremely popular right now.


At Patty’s that is exactly what we’ve have done. We have combined small, intelligent, social, and affectionate miniature pigs to create a consistently small, extremely healthy pet pig with good conformation, wonderful personality and a funny sense of humor!

Royal Dandies average from approximately 25 to 50 lbs. while Dandie Extremes average from aproximately 15 lbs. to 30 lbs. if fed properly and allowed to exercise. The Extremes are ten generations smaller in size than the Royal Dandie Miniature Pot Bellied Pigs.

These weights are in my opinion as accurate as possible when dealing with a live animal. 

We also manufacture a line of Feed and Vitamins just for our Dandies. Regular Pot Bellied Pig Chows are NOT compatible with this extremely small breed.

Our feed gives you the option to feed the proper amount of feed with Vitamin and Mineral Supplements that can be added if you desire.  This means you can adjust feed for each individual feeding situations.  No two animals are the same and you as the owner are responsible for adjusting amounts of feed according to your pigs special needs.  Please use common sence and good judgement when feeding.  Circumstances can change with any animals and it is up to you stay on top of your pets health.

Our feed is also very compatable for the larger Pot Bellied pigs as it will help maintain a healthy weight with them also.  It can easily be adjusted by increasing or decreasing amounts fed as well as adding Vitamins and Minerals.

The protein and carb levels work together for optimal health.

If feed is unbalanced your pig will not have the energy to burn off the protein and will become obese!

When the original Pot bellied Pigs came here from Viet Nam in the 80's they were jungle animals who forged all day at will and became obese.  We (including many Veterinarians) got used to the look and size of these original imports and have accepted that being over weight is healthy.

Not so!

These pigs have now been domesticated for many years now and their needs are slowly changing.  They are adapting to being fed on scheduals and they are fed smaller and controlled amounts of nutricious food and proper Vits/Mins so they don't need to forge all day like their ancestors.

Pot bellied pigs and other miniature pigs do not need to have large jowls, stomachs that drag the ground or fat rolls that cover their eyes.  They can be perfectly healthy at a healthy weight just like a dog or cat.

That being said.....please adjust your feeding program to work with your individal pigs age, genetics, and metabolism.  These pigs are as individale as humans are.

Our Feed is made for us by one of the major pet feed companys in the US.  Our formula is excellent in nutritional value and will keep your pig healthy with proper growth and weight  throughout it's life.

Genetics play the most important part in the Dandies potential size at maturity. We have bred small pigs with small pigs for many generations (30 years) and bring in outside genetics often to produce very healthy and happy piglets. 

We do not withhold feed. We do not sell runts and we don't dwarf our Dandies in any way.  I am adding another page to this web site just to explain why these are the very smallest pigs in the World. Our breeding stock are allowed to come and go from their stalls at will until they are actually ready to give birth to their piglets.

Dandies are naturally small because of their genetic background and 30 years of very selective breeding and proper feeding.


If you over feed them and don't give them enough exercise they will gain weight just like any other animal will. If not fed properly any pet pig can and will gain as much as 50 lbs of un-wanted and un-neccesary  weight.  A strict diet is required.  This does not mean needed nutrition is withheld but it does mean not giving in to their demands.  If left to their own devises Dandies will become obese and much larger than they need to be.  Once the unwanted weight is gianed it is difficult if not impossible to get them back to a healthy weight.  Please follow our feeding instructions.  We will be here to answer your on going questions and issues.  Dandies are as individule as humans.  Genetic makeup varies with each piglet. Each piglet is unique.  I can only suggest approximate feeding instructions so please use good judgement and common sense.  Contact me as often as you need to and I will be happy to help you adjust amounts of feed to be given to your one of a kind pig.

Size guarantee can only be acted on if you follow my feeding instructions.  If your piglet is allowed to graze on grass, eat dog or cat food, eat any folage from indoors or outdoors it is impossible to ensure that your piglet will stay as small as it could have had it not been exposed to  and allowed these proteins, growth harmones, and un-needed and growth encouraging folage.

At Patty's we educate our new Dandie owners on what to feed, how much to feed, and how to supplement them for optimal health.

Dandies are not dwarfs, they are small, well-proportioned miniature pigs with good conformation.

The are much more agile than the larger Pot Bellied Pigs, as they can climb and jump and will exercise themselves due to their very small size.

We are the only breeders of "Royal DandiesTM" and "Dandie ExtremesTM" in the World!

We have never sold unneutered- or unspayed- piglets!

We do not sell piglets without a health exam and a health certificate!

We educate our clients and are here after they take their piglet home to answer any questions or concerns they might have

At Patty's we hope to help control over population and production of unwanted miniature pigs! 


Since we only have a few litters every year, we provide good homes for all of our piglets.

What is different about Royal Dandie pet pigs?

In general Dandies have healthier conformation than a standard Pot Bellied Pig. Dandies have longer legs than a lot of Pot Bellied Pigs, and move more freely. They are more agile and can exercise more, which, in general, makes them healthier than a standard Pot Bellied Pig.

Dandies are easier to transport than their larger relatives, so they are much easier to take on outings and to your veterinarian if necessary. This makes for a much happier veterinarian too!

Our piglets have been domesticated for so many generations that now they are born more and more puppy-like with each new litter. I have seen wonderful changes with our piglets, such as accepting human touch more quickly and adapting to the litter box and leash training more easily. These little piglets will amaze you at how smart they are, and how fast they adapt to new surroundings and settle into their new home.

Our piglets will accept their leash in an average of 15 minutes! Many times they will jump into their litter box without being shown! They are very, very smart!!

Check out our Infinity Plus Training Harness/Leash ™ and training Video link on our product page!

We raise our piglets around dogs and cats so they are not surprised when they go to their new homes. Dandies are extremely social pets!

What do Royal Dandies eat?

As commercial pig pellets were designed for the larger breeds of Pot Bellied Pigs we have created a feed that is specifically designed for Dandies and their special needs. Protein levels, carbs, and other important ingredients are balanced properly for their small size as indoor pet pigs.


Do not feed farm pig feed to any Pot Bellied Pig as they are meant to encourage growth for slaughter pigs. Most Pot Bellied Pigs chows are not recommended for Dandies as they are not designed for their small size and specific needs.

We also manufacture our own line of Infinity Plus Vitamins, Minerals, and Coat & Skin Supplements.

Our Infinity PlusTM products are the best you will find anywhere! We have tested them on all of our Dandies (yes we test on animals!) These products are wonderful for other pets as well!

Dandies love treats, but don’t usually acquire a taste for anything other than their feed until they are a little older. I usually keep offering them until they show an interest. Once they reach that point there is no stopping them, so please use good judgment in what you start them with. Don't overdo on treats either as they are calories also.

I have found that the large, green, seedless grapes are one of their favorites. I also give them raisins, apples (cut in very small pieces) and small pieces of carrots! You can experiment a bit to find out what they will like. Give a good variety and don’t over do it! What ever a Pot Bellied Pig can eat Dandies can too...just in much smaller amounts. Make sure to check to see what is poisonous or not appropriate to feed to your new Dandie.

Never over feed even fruit or veggies....these can be high in sugars and startches and also put many pounds of unwanted weight on your pig.

Feed needs to be adjusted as your piglet grows and matures.  Common sense is needed when feeding and feed needs to be increaced accordingly just like any other animal.  If your pig is skinny it needs more feed...if your pig is getting jowly (fatty under the chin and neck) you are over feeding and you need to cut back.

Remember....there are no set rules on feeding any animal as they are as unique as humans are in how they assimalate their food intake.

I have the parents and grandparents of all of the piglets I sell.  I will be happy to send you pictures of the appropriate weight for a pig   If over fed they can easily have 3 to 4 inches of extra unhealthy fat all around their bodies and legs.   This is not necessary at all!  They should not  be skinny either.  There is a just right, healthy weight that will promote optimal health, agility and a long happy life.

Never let your Royal Dandie or Dandie Extreme graze on grass.  It is very high in protein and can cause un-wanted growth and liver damage!

Grass is often fertilized with growth harmones which can also transfer and incourage growth in your pig.

We did an experiment years ago. This experiment consisted of two groups of piglets from the same litter both males and females in each group.

One group was let to graze at will and fed pig chow.  The other group was dry lotted and only allowed their daily food allotment and Vit/Min supplement.

The group that was allowed to feed on grass put on an average of 25 to 30 lbs of extra weigh that the pigs who had controlled feeding didn't gain.

A pig will eat and eat and eat if allowed.   It will gain much more weight than is necessary for it to be happy and healthy.

If they never graze on grass they never miss it!  They can have rooting boxes, swimming pools in the summer or even a place to wallow if you like to keep them occupied and happy.

 In my opinion....Vets and most people are used to working with and seeing the standard Pot Bellied pigs.  Most of them have generations and generations of their ancestors eating habits.  To get the nutrition they required in the jungles they had to eat everything!  Today with our well balanced  Infinity Plus Feeds products and supplements,  they don't need to over eat to have their nutritional needs meant.

They can now have a diet that will satisfying them and  can actually maintain a healthy weight!

What are the monthly expenses after buying a Royal Dandie?

Dandies are not expensive to take care of. You can spend as little or as much as you want to.

Their basic needs are feed. That will change as your Dandie matures to an adult from about $25 to $35 per month. He or she will need a Vitamin/Mineral supplement as Dandies are an indoor pig and it is necessary to provide them with what they won't get from rooting around in the ground, and the D vitamins that normally come from natural outdoor light. D is required to absorb calcium and phosphorus.
Basic skin care can be my products or others that you may want to purchase. Don't give your Dandie too many baths as that has a tendency to dry their skin out.
You should brush its coat and give lots of tummy rubs!

All farm pigs and Miniatures are susceptible to parasite and skin problems. We do everything we can to prevent these problems and always treat for parasites before you receive your piglets.

It is highly recommended that you purchase an Ivomec Pig wormer and treat your piglet again after it arrives at your home. Occasionally a parasite will live through the first treatment and it is recommended that you treat your piglet up to 14 days after its last treatment.

If you pick up your piglet I will be happy to give you a complementary dose to take home with you.

Ivomec kills inside and outside parisites so don't be alarmed if your piglet should have signs of this after you receive it. This means that the medicine did it's job!

You can purchase it online or get it from your vet in advance of your piglet arriving.

It can be squirted in the piglets mouth or put over a small amount of feed. I use Ivomec for swine .27% 1/2 cc. per 10 pounds. I do the best to make sure there are no problems, but as we have new piglets arriving from our breeding facility quite often it is just a good idea to re-administer the Ivomec. Once the piglet is treated you should have your vet set you up on a worming program that suits your situation.

I do recommend that you purchase the Infinity Plus Training Harness/Leash and DVD link. It will get you and your piglet off to a great start for control and going for walks.
Pigs love their own blankets and dog toys, and you may or may  want to buy or make a ramp for them so they can come and go off the couch by themselves.
There is no big secret or mystery to owning a pig for a pet. The two main differences between a dog or cat and a Dandie is that you will laugh a lot more with a pig and wonder how you ever survived before you had it!


Pigs can not eat Chocolate, caffeine or salt!!!

Also, remember I will be here to answer any of your ongoing questions.
NO salt, caffeine, or chocolate, as these are extremely toxic to your Miniature Piglet!

Certain plants are also poisonous. Please research this before you bring your piglet home.

Dandies are as individual as humans, and so it is impossible to give specific guidelines to how much they should eat. You need to use your own judgement and not over-feed regardless of what it says on the back of your feed bag. If the pig is gaining too much weight, slowly cut its feed back a bit and watch. If your pig gets used to not "pigging out," it will be fine with you being the judge on what is healthy for him or her. You make the rules just as you would for your child.

Can A Royal Dandie live indoors?

Although Dandies were bred to be indoors they (as well as almost all animals) need their outdoor time too! All animals need fresh air and direct sunlight. Sunlight gives them the natural Vitamin D which is essential for absorption of calcium and phosphorus. I use a full spectrum light bulb in their play-pen and make sure to give a supplement of plenty of the D vitamin.

Dandies will use a litter box, potty pads or a doggie door if that suits you better.

Life span is approximately 12 to 17 years.

I have no preference on males or females making better pets. They are as individual as humans are.

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