Infinity Plus tm Training Harness/Leash Combination, $39.99, choose your color:

Includes link to our training video.

This Infinity Plus Training Combination Harness/Leash will adjust to your pet as it grows. Perfect fit every time. No more out growing the harness you just bought two weeks ago! It literally grows with your pet. It is an excellent training aid for any animal with four legs
Our Harness/Leash comes with a link to our instructional video to insure the proper use on building confidence with your new pet. Fits all miniature pet pigs, tiny pigs, pot bellied pigs, smallest pet pigs, dogs and cats,
Not to be used as a tie out. Must be used in a controlled environment and do not leave animal with leash on unattended!

Best training aid for all of your pets!

Includes link to our video... "How to start your miniature pet piglet on a leash, handling your new piglet, confidence and control."
Please send a note along with your order as to which color you prefer.
One size fits most and a variety of colors.
Royal Blue
Hot Pink
Purple/ Wine
Translucent Purple
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Dandie Starter Chow 13 lbs

Dandie Starter
Chow has been specially formulated for small piglets from weaning to starting their teenage to adult nutritional needs. It is a complete feed with added Calcium, A and D.
13 lbs. Aprox. two month supply.
No overnight shipping available!

Dandie Adult Chow 13.5 lbs

Dandie adult Chow is specially formulated to keep your miniatre pet pig healthy without the extra weight gain.
It is meant to be fed with Infinity Plus Vitamin/Mineral Supplement to satisfy the complete needs of any Miniature pig.
Feeding information is included. 13 lbs. aprox. two month supply for most miniature pigs
No overnight shipping available!

Infinity Plus Multiple Vitamins and Minerals

Infinity Plus Vitamin/Mineral supplement has been especially formulated for Royal Dandies miniature pet pigs as well as all other Miniature Pigs. It is a proven source of essential Vitamin and mineral necessary for all pet pigs but especially for indoor pet pigs. 8.5 ozs
To be sprinkled over feed 1 X per day.
Feeding instructions on label.
No overnight shipping available!

Infinity Plus Coat and Skin 8.5 ozs

This is the best supplement I have found for dry skin problems for Miniature Pet Pigs! Conditions skin. Coats will grow in thick and shinny!
Great for cat s and dogs too!
Contains Biotin with MSM .
Instructions on label.
No overnight shipping available!

Infinity Plus tm Biotin Pet Shampoo 15.2 ozs

Infinity Plus Biotin Shampoo was formulated with Pet pigs in mind. Removes dead skin cells, moisturizes and leaves the coat and skin in excellent condition without drying or irratation. Can be used on other pets as well.
No overnight shipping available!

Infinity Plus Topical 2 oz

Infinity Plus Topical not only conditions the the hair and skin it acts as an healing aid for rashes, excema, hot spots and burns. It is an anti inflamatory and readily absorbs into the skin. It is great for all pets and people too!
Infinity Plus Topical can also be used as an over the feed supplement to enhance the coat and skin quality.
Use it as a final rinse in a small amount of warm water after bath.
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Dandie Dish 20 oz
Non-spill dish
Attatches to most wire cages and pens.
Easy to remove and clean.
Great for your pet pig and all your other pets too!
Two sizes
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