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Mamma, babies and Bengal Cat. Adult 4 years old

My grandson with small Dandie

2 year old Royal Dandie boar, piglets and Bengal tomcat

Adult Royal Dandie with week-old piglets

First kiss

Enough to go around!

Best nipple!

Two week old Dandie

Patty giving supplements to Dandie piglet

Two week old Dandie 1987

Dandie and fawn

Sold Piglets

Nap Time!

Glamor Queen!

A Dandie!

Handsome guy!

"Bpb" and little Momma

Taking my nap!

Dandie Male

All I want for Christmas

One week old Dandie!

Our Teacup Dandies!

Princess Runtly (two week)

Runtly "Dinner time!" Two weeks old!

Helping! Two weeks old

Is that a mouse?

Using litter box! Two weeks old

My daughter and Runtly

Three Little Dandies!

Dandie Extreme!

Hi Mom!

Designer Dandies

Upside down!

Three very little pigs!


Dandie Extreme 2 weeks old

Ronnie and Too Little

Adult sows

Adult boar and sow

Get off my head!